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Absorber Arch Bridge 1 Arch Bridge 2 Arch Bridge 3 Back Hoe Digger Beam Bridge 1 Beam Bridge 2 Bowl Scraper Building Site Bulldozer & Ripper Cantilever Bridge 1 Cantilever Bridge 2 Chart Recorder Chemical Diagram Cloverleaf Combined Airlift Pump Compressor Turbine Set Control Valve Conveyor - Front Conveyor - Screw Conveyor - Side Conveyor 1 Conveyor 2 Conveyor 3 Conveyor 4 Cooling Fan Counter Boring Counterbalanced Crane Crane & Jib Cyclone Symbol Distillation Column 1 Distillation Column 2 Dockyard Crane Dragline Dragline - Large Dump Truck Excavator Fork Lift Truck Gantry Gears & Wrench Grab Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Symbol Hook Hydraulic Crane Hydraulic Grab Impeller Indicator

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